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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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in colorado as the community continues to grieve after a shooting rampage. tonight the star of the movie as well as the studio that produced it are making public gestures of support. christian bale spend time with the survivors and warner brothers, the studio that produced the movie, has donated a substantial amount in a victims' fund that has raised more than $2 million. james holmes is accused of killing one dozen people and yet -- wounding more on friday. a key part of the investigation centers around the apartment where he lived. investigators believed it was carefully orchestrated to maximize the strength and size of a potential blast. the massacre is highlighting the question of gun control just as the rules for getting a permit in maryland are changing. into been weeks, residents will
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be able to carry handguns -- in two weeks, residents will be able to carry handguns without a good and reasonable reason. >> the attorney general is fighting to keep the more stringent application process in place, demonstrating you have a good reason, because you handle large amounts of money for work, for example. >> every day i come in here and look back to the chair. it is weird to not having him there. >> he lost his boss and friend in an armed robbery in 2009. he wonders if he would have survived if the manager on duty had a gun. >> the people we do not have the guns already have them. now we should have a chance to defend ourselves against them. >> currently you have to convince police you have a good
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and substantial reason to wear a firearm. a judge ruled that such a standard infringes on the second amendment just as the recent movie theater massacre in colorado is intensifying the debate over gun control. anthony browne says tragedies like the one in colorado should prompt a look at gun laws. he defended the criteria required to get a permit to carry. >> i do not think he will be able to prevent someone from acquiring a gun lawfully in doing something unlawful. but applying standards will help filter at a bad actor. >> unless a legal reversal,, he is hopeful he will be able to bring a hand and to work. >> it is going to put me at ease. >> the judge set august 14 as the date to drop the cause even as the attorney general is
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seeking a ruling to preserve it. right now, in addition to demonstrating the reason, you also have to submit to a criminal background check and provide information about her mental health and street. -- your mental-health history. >> investigators say that he died at the scene after he was shot last night. police have not released a motive in the case. anyone with information should call police. the family of three people killed in northeast baltimore are hoping that police will find the killer one year later. police went door to door handing out fliers to get clues to the homicide on nicholas avenue. investigators say once the blaze was put out, they discovered that billy ray lovitt, tanyika gibbs and michael jones had been
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shot in the head. 90 minutes before, officers responded to an anonymous call about shots fired. family members question if police should have done more. >> the police did not do their job. i am saying they did not do that. if they would have knocked out the door and she talked to somebody, how come she cannot identify who she talked to? >> a spokesperson says the officers had no reason to force their way inside the home but they did check the perimeter before leaving. police are trying to recruit more new officers for the force who actually live in the city. in the last class of trainees, 20% were residents. commanders say among the obstacles of irving candice have to overcome his physical agility and restrictions about past marijuana use. >> we want people that live here who understand the city, who know the city, and who are from
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the neighborhoods and understand the problems that are going on. >> officials say that new efforts are under way to better qualify city residents as candidates. an army staff savage and has made the ultimate sacrifice. -- staff sgt has made the ultimate sacrifice. he was killed while on patrol in afghanistan. he graduated from ken wood high school in 1999. officials say he will be awarded the bronze star medal and the purple heart. sgt brandon pepper was 31 years old. if you notice a green liquid fluid through the waterway, officials say it is only a test. they're conducting a test as part of an ongoing effort to observe and improved the water quality. it will help determine the location of potential leaks.
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this is one week after a 20 inch main broke. we are told it cleans up with water. leaders were gathered for what could be a make or break meeting about expanded gambling at the office of michael bush tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. that will help state leaders determine if there is enough support to call a special session on expanding gambling. a nationwide helium shortage is causing problems in a number of areas. did you know it is used for and our eyes -- for mri's and scuba diving? >> local business owners say it has gone from a slight problem to a huge problem in the past couple of months. >> saturdays are packed with people getting balloons. >> it is what keeps balloons up in the air but every inflation
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is growing more expensive these days. blake rogers is an assistant manager at party city. >> we only have so much per month. once we are out, we are out. >> a shortage is being felt at this store and many other across the country. for them, it is a simple but frustrating issue of supply and demand. you get helium for natural gas. cutbacks in production, and mixed with an increase from health care, have contributed to the problem. helium is used as a coolant for mri magnets across the country. hospitals have not reported supply issues so far but the shortage does not appeared to be turning around anytime soon. >> the prices went up for a tank. >> party city's disturbing is allowed the store to get 38 tanks per month when the use to
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get 50. they are not as a fall. the result is higher prices. these balloons used to be 69 cents. now they are a dollar. >> we will probably limit boleyn's per customer. -- baloons per customer. >> the u.s. produces 75% of the world's helium. kai reed, wbal tv 11 news. >> william donald schaefer is making baltimore beautiful even after his death. the state of the former maitre donated $1.4 million to the william schaefer civic fund established in 2008. it provides grants for beautification to wrap baltimore city and the county. it also received other grants
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today totaling more than $130,000 the loss of court- ordered community improvement. the board of education issued a list of persistently danger schools in compliance with the federal bill child up behind law -- no child left behind law. the list includes the rising star academy, and kirstin middle school, and the maritime industries academy and benjamin franklin high school, stuart hill academy, and william march middle school. the state board also announced that coaches will be better trained to identify brain injuries suffered on the plainfield. that is in line with regulations to protect athletes from concussions. coaches will have until the end of the month to complete their training. the rules are designed to educate parents on the nature of brain injuries.
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>> this will be much more robust and in places where they have robust education they are able to catch the first concussion more frequently. >> a task force has been tasked with coming up with other things. ground crews are at lang sought over the ravens home turf in preparation for the -- are laying sod over the ravens home turf in preparation for a soccer game. it is this saturday at 1:00 and tickets are $36. how are things shaping up for the permanent residents of the stadium? reporting for training camp. gerry sandusky as the latest on whether he will be making an appearance and a top draft pick
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shares the biggest surprise he has faced so far in the nfl. some sports treasures are making their way to camden yards. a look at the championship trophy that could be yours. >> we have not kicked off the olympics yet and the next generation is already setting their sights on 2016. i will explain, straight ahead. >> storms developing along a cold front. we will see how that impacts are temperatures. right now, 79 at the airport.
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>> baseball history buffs will have another treasure to bid on.
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the 1912 boston red sox trophy presented to the team manager is going on the auction block. we were sent to these photos of the trophy which is expected to fetch more than $300,000. the owners thought it was a good time to sell. two trophies were made but no one knows what happened to the other one. a replica is on display at fenway park. century old baseball cards will also go to the highest bidder. olympic fever is running high with the lending games beginning this week and the next generation of superstars are competing in baltimore. sheldon dutes joins us from morgan state university where he spent some time with the next crop of libyans. this year has to be inspiring for these kids. >> they are very excited. i spoke to one woman who told me
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she wants to try out for the olympics in 2016 and she is already on her way. a good number of people go on to compete in the olympics. >> this is the prelude to the olympics. >> this is the best of the best. >> and monique anderson walker is proud her children are among the athletes representing america. >> we are glad to be able to participate. they did very well during the regular season and this is the price. >> every day i have been running around my block. i do sports in the winter, fall, spring. >> practicing. practicing the 800.
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>> this 12-year old and her brother is running the 800. the walkers are among the several athletes competing in the junior olympics national championship here at morgan state university. even though they are under 18, this competition has some high potential. 25% of the track team and 42% of the women's team participated in junior olympics when they were younger. >> i am so proud of them. whether they place or what ever, the fact they have a goal when they reached it is fantastic. >> there are young athletes visiting from as far away as california. a lot of them are staying on campus this week for the junior olympics. i spoke to officials and they said every year they rotate to different schools in the country.
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sheldon dutes, wbal tv 11 news. >> exciting times. it was teat with hillary at the four seasons. it was fabulous. we really enjoyed ourselves with putting combat scones, -- pudding, scones, and tea. they say they are so excited about going to their fourth olympics. >> i am so honored to be hosting tea with hillary. it is a staple in the london so it is nice to bring england to baltimore before we leave. >> if i see the commercials on tv and "today" and "bal" everyone is excited.
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a lot going on. in a few days. when the splash goes in the water, we know everything is ready to start. >> as michael phelps prepares for another milestone attached, you can catch him on the today show tomorrow morning. he only needs three medals to become the most decorated a linchpin in history. wbal tv 11 is your home for the olympic games. gerry sandusky and i will be hosting the olympics zone and meet all of the athletes from maryland will compete in london. you can check out all of their profiles on our website. >> now your insta-weather plus with tom tasselmyer. >> it was a stormy afternoon but once they clear the area, a nice evening shaped up.
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yeah, it was bumpy at times but it turned out to be a decent evening and i think it will be better as we go into tomorrow. the raiders looked ominous as we were working our way through the afternoon. 2:00, there were some storms going toward delaware and then the big line of storms boss and about 4:00. -- blossomed about four o'clock. down to westminster and into the northern part of frederick county. hail and winds. by 6:00, the storms had dissipated. it was that two in our window where we were dealing with some storms and now you can see, all is quiet with a nice evening shaping up because those storms are developing along the cool front. if you got a underneath one, you
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got a quick half-inch of rain. only a little streaks of showers here where those isolated cells developed. a trace in the morning hours at the airport. downtown baltimore, 0. at the inner harbor, they hit 97. all locations below the record high of 101. 91 at the airport. the 32nd time we have talked to 90 degrees this year. the all-time record is 59. that was just a couple of years ago. we are ahead of normal with those 32 90 plus days. starting to cool off to the north and west of us. 83 downtown. looking for it to some of those 60's in the mountains now. the storms have cleared and the skies are clear and the wind
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will be a gusty, bringing in that cooler 60 degree temperature to the north and west of baltimore. there is the leading edge of the air. behind it, beautiful wednesday. but the heat that is here in the middle of the country, and 94 right now in kansas city. that will go east thursday friday. enjoy tomorrow. 84-89. the lower humidity. waves around the foot. western maryland has a chance for a beautiful day but then the storms return on thursday as it starts to heat up. eastern shore, you will see a range of temperatures. many spots on the eastern shore will get close to 100 degrees. down to ocean city, 84. a beautiful day tomorrow and then 94 on thursday. storms back on the beach for friday. around baltimore, 88 tomorrow.
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99 thursday. thunderstorms friday. showers on saturday and a nice finish on sunday. 87. >> trading camp begins with a top draft pick not on the field. >> it is mega millions. >> tonight's the jackpot is an estimated $45 million. to win you must match these five balls in the golden ball. let's see if we can make you a millionaire. 46, 5, 51, 9 and 38. mega ball 5. if no one matches all six numbers, friday could if no one matches all six
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>> now supports with gerry sandusky.
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>> of bashar recovered from his first mistake. he joined his teammates for the start of training this afternoon. a much smaller group of players then we will see later when all of the veterans report for the fifth training camp. the quarterback saw the rookies coming off of injuries. the second round draft pick kelechi oswmele did not practice because of a strained calf muscle but they expect him to start practicing tomorrow or thursday. the rest of the veterans report tomorrow. they will have a team practice thursday afternoon and john expects to see ed reed on the field as planned. >> ed reed plans on being here. i talked with him and had a great conversation. i am looking forward to seeing him. >> today and tomorrow, rookies
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have one last chance that the extra attention be fooled the full -- before the full roster returns a place where they can get lost. bernard pierre is standing next to john thinks any extra work a rookie can get past two help with the steep learning curve in the nfl. >> my offense, i did not know right from left, honestly. it was a big adjustment from college. now we have gone to these camps, now we know, well, i am a lot more comfortable. >> the orioles play their 97th game of the season tonight. you have to go to 1997 to find a team with a better record than this year. but even that did not help tonight as the orioles have a 3- 1 loss to tampa bay.
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jeremy had not won his last nine straight starts. it looked like he might go down 10 in a row when adam john's got the orioles on the board. a solo shot 1-0. the fifth inning, brooks conrad rips into left field and it is gone. to run home run. two-1 rays. jeff at the plate and he will bring down bj upton. he gets his first win since mid- may. the o's dropped the second in a row. when the olympics begin on friday, the basketball to wait -- coach will not walk with his team in the opening ceremonies. organizers have been the delegations to athletes only. the coaches saw his team walk all over spain in the final olympic warmup. no solution around the world for kobe bryant with a slam like
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that. spain looks like the toughest competition in the u.s. will face. lebron james, es muey brilliante. coach k does not sound over confident. >> i think we need to qualify but also i think to get five more games, international games under our belt. i think we reacted better tonight than two nights ago to the international game. >> what he really means is team usa es muey brilliante. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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>> no goop. >> the goop is gone. lower humidity, which donna is talking about. then we are back to 100 thursday. 95 on friday. that is another front coming through with some storms and they should cool things off a little bit. >> enjoy tomorrow is what you are saying. that is all for a levin news tonight. the tonight show with jay leno is tonight.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- animals with julie scardina, from "jersey shore,"
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